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Cathy Moore

" I'm 90 million times more productive at CoworkCHM than I am at home or in a café. The professional setting and fellow coworkers all keep me on task, fueled by the great coffee."

Ronald IU


Andrea Livotto

"At Cowork CHM, the Clarity Labs team feels at home. The environment is welcoming, the facilities are of high quality, and the staff is very helpful."

Ian Callaghan

"I have been working at Cowork CHM for some time, and really enjoy working here with my team . It is very competitively priced room with lots of privacy.
The staff and other members here are also really friendly and helpful. Free coffee ...

Chan Tinchi




KK Wong

 " Cowork CHM 設施充足,一進來就可以開始工作。辦公室環境很舒適,空間感十足,特別喜歡4樓的花園! 這裡的職員都很友善,同時也認識了各行各業的"鄰居",絕對是一個bonus!"

Jacky & Ivan


Gary Leung


Candy Chiu

"Co work 為我們這樣的創業小團隊提供了性價比較高的選擇,這裡舒適的工作環境、合理的租金價格、融洽的工作氣氛都讓我們能夠更加盡情地投入到工作當中."

Benny Yip

 "CoworkCHM is one of the most unique choices among the coworking spaces in Hong Kong.  The large glass windows and the open areas together form a bright and cozy environment.  There are many friendly neighbours here to meet...